01. 05. 2024

'No Mow May'

As the summer approaches and we head outside to enjoy the warmer weather and sunny skies, most of us are keen to tidy our gardens (which may or may not have been a little neglected during the colder months) getting them ready for the BBQ season.

However, ‘No Mow May’ an annual campaign started by Plantlife, encourages you to put away the lawn mowers and strimmer’s, and allow for the grass in your garden to grow for the month of May! Plantlife’s mission is aiming to help protect and restore the wild plants, fungi and insects which grow and live across the UK, bringing people closer to their local wildlife.

You might be asking, how does not mowing my grass for a month have any effect on my local wildlife? However, not mowing can help wildlife by creating places for insects and small creatures to hide and create homes. In addition to this, weeds, like dandelions are pollen rich and provide bee’s, butterflies, and other pollinators with food. Whilst the long grass can also help provide birds with nesting materials.

Still, the effects of ‘No Mow May’ go beyond the insects and wildlife, and helps contribute to reducing pollution and carbon levels, as the extra vegetation help lock carbon away below ground. With over 20 million gardens in the UK, every garden which participates is a vital contributor and can have a positive impact on our environment.

Baring in mind we have lost approximately 97% of flower-rich meadows in the UK since the 1930’s, and butterfly populations have decreased by 50% since 1976, we need to start giving back to our environment to make a positive change for the planet.

So, at 1st Step, if on the weekend, you don’t feel like mowing the grass, embrace the laziness, and don’t do it in the spirit of ‘No Mow May’, and wait until June!

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Jess Lewis
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