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GDPR - it's good for businesses!

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It's good for business, especially if you work with 1st Step as a candidate or client.

Whilst there is plenty of scaremongering about at the moment, GDPR is here to stay.  Compliance with it will at the very least encourage recruiters to be better at recruitment. The best form of recruitment always has been and always will be "people buy from people" and that is how we at 1st Step do our business. Our recruiters try and meet every candidate, numerous times and sometimes they will build relationships over many years. This is what works, and why we employ a certain kind of recruiter that takes the time to care about the people we work with. 

Our consultants are going to carry on doing their job as they are because they are very good at it, and they have been doing it for years. The difference, and why GDPR is good for us, is that the concept of getting out there and meeting your candidates is not the norm with some of our competitors. To put it mildly, our competitors are going to have to up their game, to catch us.  We are 1st Step, and we are the benchmark.  So, we won't be mass emailing people, because it's not our style.  But you can all take this blog as permission to contact us, and we will get to know you, and find you a new job!  Sounds like a good idea to me. 

As for our clients?  Well, you can rest assured that we have consent, from when we bought our candidates a coffee and asked them for it, whilst discussing where would be the best fit for their next career move.  Just before they filled out the application form and signed the consent form.

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