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FIFA World Cup - Russia 2018 is Engaging!

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In case you haven't noticed... the FIFA World Cup starts in a few weeks!  Yes, that's right, love it or hate it, the World Cup fever is back soon for its quad-annual visit to our lives.  We've created a free Sweepstake sheet for you to use in your office.  Print it off and use as you please!  Have fun

The latest survey responses to XpertHR, who 1st Step use for advice and guidance, suggest the World Cup is a great tool for engaging employees, including putting TVs up in canteens and allowing flexibility for rest breaks to allow people to watch.  With 90.8% of respondent employers suggesting that they will adopt an informal approach to the World Cup, common practice might suggest you don't get too hooked on rules for the events too. Common sense - from you as an employer or employee - is most needed in this situation, and just keep in mind that you are always representing your business. 

And 1st Step is using it to engage clients and candidates, too! 

We're not ashamed to admit we will use the opportunity either.  So keep an eye out for any emails about events, and why not download our FREE world cup sweepstake sheet. 


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