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Both Sides of the Fence - Danica Price

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Three weeks into my new role as a Business Development Consultant for 1st Step Solutions there’s still a little pause as I’m passing on my email address, For a long time, this was the email address I was sending my weekly timesheet to…

I’d worked as a DC for almost 7 years when in 2010 company redundancy’s put me in the path of 1st Step. Within a couple of weeks, I was settling into my new DC role for one of 1st steps clients and leading M&E contractors. This was my first experience with an agency and was surprised at how easy the new start process was, the team were not only highly professional but very welcoming and approachable too.

Almost 5 years later I decided to leave the UK for a couple of years of travelling, When I returned to London in 2017 there was only one place I was going to call…1st Step Solutions. Within a couple of days, I was sent for an interview, a couple of weeks later I was again getting stuck into my new job for another of the country’s leading M&E companies where is stayed until the next travel adventure began 10 months later.

While travelling through New Zealand I was offered an exciting opportunity to join the team at 1st Step that introduced me to the world of M&E 8 years ago as a candidate and without hesitation and only a few months into my visa I was planning my return. Now I am part of the team and feel like I have always been here. 

The grass is greenest where it's watered, and that’s both sides of the fence working with 1st Step. 

In the team (left to right) Kerrie, Sam and Danica

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