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Max White - Three Years On

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Three years ago today, August 17th 2015, Max White passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer.  An inspirational man, who was a unique character that you rarely find in life.  As a colleague, he was much loved and respected by everyone in 1st Step.  It is not often you can say nobody had a bad word to say about someone and know it is true – but Max was one of those guys.  Personally, he was a great Father to Ellie and a fantastic friend to those around him, too. 

His influence inside 1st Step was one thing, but the impact of his personality, professionalism and class in dealing with people reached far beyond the doors of West Hill House in Dartford and our offices that he helped to grow.  You can ask many of our clients and industry experts that dealt with Max and they say the same thing – what a great man!  Just look at the fundraising his friends and colleagues have undertaken for Live Life to the Max – the generosity and will of countless people to fundraise in his name is an astounding testament to his life and memory and a source of much-needed funding for Cancer Research UK.

When Max found out about his cancer, he took it in his stride and fought it.  He did get frustrated by the system, but he did it with a positive heart and mind. Dignified in his battle, he started the Live Life to the Max campaign that is still going strong today.  He remained a good person to talk to – frank and honest in his opinions but with a heartfelt desire to give the best advice.

Genuinely, not a day goes by for us at 1st Step where his name isn’t mentioned in some way.  Over half of our colleagues didn’t meet him. But every person has heard about him and understands what he stood for because his values shaped what 1st Step stands for.  Honest and loyal confidants that you can rely on.

Three years haven’t made it easier to take that he has gone, but his legacy makes his family, friends, colleagues and industry peers from all walks of life remember that there is a right way to be with people.

Live Life to the Max

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