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Mental Health Matters

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October 10th around the world should be etched in the calendar each year because it is the day we re-energise the conversation about Mental Health.  This year, the focus is on young people and mental health in a changing world.  Whether it is the changes in the political landscapes, natural disasters or stress at work or home, people around the world are finding it tough going to handle what life has to throw at them, so it is important that we recognise the need to look after each other.  Mental health matters!

There are stories every day that we observe about how mental health issues are affecting us, directly and indirectly, and everyone – employers, colleagues, families and friends – needs to take time to look after their mental health; we all have mental health and it is as important that you look after your mental health just like you would your physical health.

At 1st Step we are encouraging colleagues to take time to have a cup of tea and talk to each other, just to be a friendly ear and take time to interact with your peers.  Take time to look after your friends and family, and check they are ok.  Start today; do it every day.

For more information on World Health Day 2018, visit the Mental Health Foundation via

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