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Mental Health Matters – 1st Step can help you to help your colleagues

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At 1st Step, we know that taking care of those around you, supporting them and encouraging people to speak up is important.  Talking about mental health is a show of strength, and being prepared for spotting that someone might be suffering mental health issues is a core responsibility for employers.

Our Training Manager, Scott Crump has bravely been very open about his progress in dealing with Mental Health, and on his journey to keep progressing and helping others, has become qualified as a Mental Health First Aider.  He is now a facilitator, which allows him to deliver Mental Health First Aid courses.  You can read below Scott’s very candid blog post about his past issues with mental health, which will help the reader understand how mental health has affected Scott. 

His aspiration with undertaking the Mental Health First Aid training course, and becoming qualified to deliver the qualifications, is to help others.  With 1st Step’s support and backing, he can deliver the Mental Health First Aid Training to our industry. You can contact him for details on the ½ day, 1 day and 2-day Mental Health First Aid courses Scott can offer via

Although we make no apologies for publicising our ability to offer these courses, the purpose of this posting is not to driving business, but to continue the message that Mental Health Matters! Follow the hashtag #itsnotallphysical on social media and remember it’s better to talk about mental health than bottle it up inside.  Here’s Scott’s blog, first published in May 2018.

"Many years ago, and unfortunately still today, if you said you had or have any form of mental health concern or need you were probably looked at as being weak and a failure, but this is not true, you have just reached your limit, and different people have different limits.

 After 23yrs working as a Special Constable, you get to see a few “things”. Some, unfortunately, do stick with you and resurface after many years of being blocked out.  Thankfully these have been identified by me and others and the appropriate support from 1st Step and the constabulary are being offered, and the trigger that started it all off – the smell of gone off food….

For some reason the smell of it gave me flashbacks to a house I entered in December 2015, to find the resident had died some 5 days previous through alcoholism, and the smell from inside the house reminded me of something that had gone off.  The smell I can deal with but the graphic images that flash into my head of what I saw in the house are something else.

These are the nightmares I have and I live with…..

But thanks to a very good support councillor and phenomenal supportive Wife & family, I can now start to talk about it.

To start with I did feel I had failed myself, my family and colleagues and I did start to go to a very dark place. I had become withdrawn, angry at the smallest of things and I’d be very quick to explode, this is not normally me.

But I am on the slow road to recovery……I WILL get through this and I WILL win, this is a fight that I am determined to not let beat me.

I can now see Mental Health as the same as Health & Safety, both need to be looked at and the appropriate support needs to be given to those that need and want it.

Please do not bury your head in the sand or brush it under a carpet, let’s talk…… #itsnotallphysical"

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