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Despite recent monthly recruitment monitoring from KMPG and the REC in the UK reporting an ongoing decrease in the availability of candidates across the permanent and temporary markets, we are embracing the challenge, confident that we have the relationships in place with candidates and clients to make the most of this opportunity. 

The permanent market shows a decrease in the availability of permanent staff of 25.4%, higher than the 22% in April.  In the temporary market, the decrease in availability is showing the same trend, with a 14.4% drop in availability, compared with 12.2% drop in April. 

1st Step’s Managing Director, Les Fillery said “Although 1st Step has bucked this trend in the same time period, the latest statistics from KMPG and REC bare out what we have been hearing in our conversations with clients and candidates.  Uncertainty in the current economic and political climate is having an impact on the jobs market, both in terms of the availability of candidates and the salary expectations of those looking to move, but with the experience of our team, we are seeing this as a positive challenge.

Average starting salaries for permanent staff have increased further in May, with on average increases being at around 17.8%, whilst the temporary/contractor market has seen pay rates increase by around 18%.

This trending scarcity of availability has had a significant impact on the “market rates” for new recruits.  Analysing the report, REC Chief Executive Neil Carberry said “The jobs market is still creating opportunities for those looking for work.  With vacancies rising and starting salaries going up sharply, it is worth people talking to recruiters about the next step in their career.” 

Our Associate Director, Davinia Farr believes that this gives more reason for candidates and clients to continue to put their faith in 1st Step.  “We have excellent relationships with our clients and candidates alike, with my team having industry knowledge that is second to none.  We understand what each stakeholder in the recruitment process is looking for, and never forget the ‘consultant’ part of our job.”

Davinia advises that “the key to anyone thinking about a move, is to work with a recruiter that wants to understand you and the kind of business you want to work with or the projects you want to work upon.  We can then marry this up with the clients we think are best suited to what you want to do.  By maintaining close ties with our clients, we understand better than most their internal culture and values, and what kind of candidates they would want to see.  1st Step is not in the game of mass-CV mailshots, but of cultivating the right opportunities for both parties.”

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