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EU Settlement Scheme

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What is the EU Settlement Scheme?

Initially announced in March 2019, it is now nearing the deadline of 30th June for all EU, EEA or Swiss citizens to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme, holding either pre-settled or settled status.

As of the 1st July, all Employers must hold evidence of their employees’ right to work in the UK in the form of their settled or pre-settled status.

We have been in conversation with both working and registered candidates for the last year, advising those affected of the need to be registered under the scheme verbally upon registration and sending out regular email alerts to all candidates. 

Due to our preparation, almost all of our current workforce has already provided evidence of their settlement status. Of those we have spoken to, there were a small percentage who wrongly believed they would not have to register for the scheme. However due to our early conversations, we have been able to give them relevant advice and contacts to ensure that they registered in time.

The work that our compliance team and consultants have put in will ensure that there is no disruption or surprises when the deadline for ensuring that we hold evidence of settlement status at the end of the month comes into effect. All contractors on site can continue to work, thus not interrupting the projects in what is traditionally a very busy period.


What checks are being done to ensure affected workers are eligible for work in UK?

Until 30th June, we have a legal obligation not to discriminate against EU, EEA, or Swiss Citizens currently living/working in the UK and therefore we are unable to insist on them proving their status until after it comes into effect, however our consultants and compliance team have been speaking with all EU/EEA candidates that are working with us now and those that present themselves for future work, encouraging them either provide their settlement status share code or to ensure they are registered by the deadline.

Our dedicated compliance team verifies all contractors requiring a settlement/pre-resettlement status using the home office tool -

It is worth noting that the letters provided to applicants notifying them of their application status clearly states that it is not proof of settlement.  As of the 1st July 2021, all individuals must share their status with employers using the online tool provided and the employer must hold a record of the online check in order for it to be considered statutory excuse.

As we are a provider of a temporary workforce, this is obviously an ongoing task with new contractors every week, and therefore our procedures have been updated, all recruitment personnel have received training, and account managers will ensure that all clients are kept informed of any issues that may arise with their labour in the next three weeks, but we are confident that all operatives will be compliant in time for the 30th June deadline.

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